Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Offices, Reading

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Declarations of Interest


Minutes of previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 104 KB


Questions from Members of the Public and Councillors pdf icon PDF 32 KB

Questions submitted pursuant to Standing Order 36 in relation to matters falling within the Sub-Committee’s Powers & Duties which have been submitted in writing and received by the Head of Legal & Democratic Services no later than four clear working days before the meeting.




Response to a Petition Requesting Reinstatement of Traffic Island on Berkeley Avenue pdf icon PDF 69 KB

A report in response to a petition, submitted to the Council on 21 January 2020, requesting the reinstatement of a traffic island on Berkeley Avenue between Ashley Road and Bath Road that was removed as part of the NCN Phase 2 scheme.


Other Petitions pdf icon PDF 101 KB

To receive any other petitions on traffic management matters submitted in accordance with the Sub-Committee’s Terms of Reference.


Response to a Petition Requesting to change the Parking Restrictions on De Beauvoir Road pdf icon PDF 63 KB

A report in response to a petition, submitted to the Council on 30 December 2019.


Response to a Petition Requesting to change the Parking Restrictions on Wrenfield Drive pdf icon PDF 517 KB

A report in response to a petition, submitted to the Council on 6 January 2020.


Bi-Annual Waiting Restriction Review - 2019B Further Proposals for Statutory Consultation pdf icon PDF 59 KB

A report providing the Sub-Committee with and update following further investigations on a number of schemes, as requested by the Sub-Committee in January 2020, and seeking approval for Officers to undertake statutory consultation to enable progression of the 2019B programme.

Additional documents:


Kings Road Experimental Bus Lane Order pdf icon PDF 56 KB

A report asking the Sub-Committee to consider the objections that have been received to the experimental restriction that was implemented on 11 July 2019 and recommending agreement to make the Order permanent.

Additional documents:


Resident Permit Parking Scheme Review pdf icon PDF 76 KB

A report advising the Sub-Committee on the proposal to change Residents Parking Scheme rules for Healthcare Professional, Carer, Temporary and Daily and Annual Landlord and Tradesperson Permits and on options to allow Hunter’s Wharf Residents visitor parking permits.

Additional documents:


Residents Permit Parking pdf icon PDF 62 KB

(a)     New and Outstanding Requests

(b)     Results of Informal Consultations

A report providing the Sub-Committee with an update on the list of requests for Resident Permit Parking (RPP), including the progress of developing schemes and any new requests that have been received and also providing the results of the informal consultations that were undertaken on the areas agreed as part of the concurrent scheme development programme (CSDP).

Additional documents:


Requests for New Traffic Management Measures pdf icon PDF 82 KB

(a)     Updated List

(b)     Schemes Proposed for Consultation

A report informing the Sub-Committee of requests for new traffic management measures that have been raised by members of the public, other organisations/representatives and Members of the Borough Council and also providing concept designs for requested traffic management schemes that have received funding from local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), or private contributions.

Additional documents:


Exclusion of Press and Public

The following motion will be moved by the Chair:

“That, pursuant to Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) members of the press and public be excluded during consideration of the following item on the agenda, as it is likely that there would be disclosure of exempt information as defined in the relevant Paragraphs of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of that Act”


Applications for Discretionary Parking Permits

To consider appeals against the refusal of applications for the issue of discretionary parking permits.