Lead Councillor for Health, Wellbeing and Sport


(1)        To oversee the development and implementation of policies, strategies and procedural arrangements for the provision of the Council’s public health functions under the terms of the Health & Social Care act 2012 and the National Health Service Act 2006.

(2)        To seek to secure the best possible health care system for the people of Reading and to reduce health inequalities in the Borough, by working in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group, the local Healthwatch, the Thames Valley Area team of the NHS Commissioning Board, and other interested stakeholders, health bodies and interested community and voluntary groups.

 (3)       To work with health partners, the Director of Public Health for Berkshire, the Director of Children, Education & Early Help, and the Lead Councillors for Adult Social Care, and Children, to improve the health of all people in the Borough’s area, in association where appropriate with other services provided by the Borough Council across all portfolio areas.

(4)        To lead for the Council on the Reading Health & Wellbeing Board, and to work in conjunction with Board members to:

·         Oversee the preparation of Joint Strategic Needs Assessments with the Clinical Commissioning Groups

·         Approve a strategy for meeting the local health needs identified by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, including through the exercise of the Council’s functions

·         Develop, agree and implement a shared agenda for commissioning health provision in Reading

·         Monitor the award and delivery of contracts for health provision in Reading, including contracts under the joint arrangement for public health in Berkshire


(5)       To be responsible for the following services:


·         any public health functions of the Secretary of State which the local authority is required to discharge on his/her behalf

·         dental health functions of the Council

·         health of prisoners, in cooperation with the prison service

·         the Council’s duties set out in Schedule 1 of the National Health Act 2006, including medical inspection of pupils, the weighing and measuring of children and sexual health services

·         arrangements for assessing the risks posed by violent and sexual offenders 


(6)        To oversee the implementation of the health transition programme in Berkshire, including the operation of the joint arrangement for public health and the Public Health Joint Advisory Board for Berkshire


(7)        To oversee the development and implementation of plans and strategies and health and public protection legislation and services within the Borough:


·         Food Law Enforcement Service Plan

·         Food, health and hygiene

·         Health and Safety at Work (not RBC)

·         Environmental education and health promotion (with Education)

·         Safety at Sports Grounds

·         Functions relating to smoke-free premises

·         Any other activities which contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the environmental health and protection of the people of Reading  and to exercise the Council's powers in respect of all other environmental health, public protection and environmental matters



(8)        To oversee the development and implementation of the Sports Facilities Strategy.


(9)        To oversee the provision of indoor recreation facilities at the Council’s leisure centres and those of its leisure partners.


(10)      To promote sport development in the Borough.


(11)      Your Reading (Passport) (with Culture, Heritage & Recreation).

Post is held by