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Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

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Information about Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

(1)        To advise the Authority on such matters connected with religious worship in schools and the religious education to be given in accordance with an agreed syllabus as the Authority may refer to is or as it may see fit;

(2)       In particular, to advise on methods of teaching, the choice of materials, and the provision of training for teachers;

(3)       To consider, on an application made by a headteacher of any school after consultation with the governing body, whether it is appropriate for the requirement for Christian collective worship to apply in the case of the school, or in the case of any class or description of pupils at that school;

[SACRE shall arrive at its decision and communicate it to the headteacher in accordance with the provisions of Section 12 of the Education Reform Act 1988]

(4)       The representative groups on the SACRE, other than that representing the Authority, may at any time require a review of any Agreed Syllabus for the time being adopted by the Authority;

(5)       To publish each year a report on its proceedings and those of its representative groups; to specify any matters on which the SACRE has given advice to the Authority and the reasons for offering the advice;

(6)       To take any action assigned to it by the Authority in relation to the consideration and disposal of any complaint concerning collective worship or religious education in compliance with Section 23 of the Education Reform Act 1988.