Councillors and Committees

In this area of the website you can find out about Council meetings and decisions, get information about Reading's elected councillors and access other documents and information relating to the council’s decision making processes.

Committee meeting information

You can find information regarding Council and Committee meetings including the agendas, reports and minutes of previous meetings and dates of future meetings.

Elected representatives

Details of Reading’s councillors.

How to get involved

Participate in consultations that interest you.

We use ‘Modern Gov’ to produce committee meeting papers. This means you can use the free app to automatically download meeting papers for your subscribed committees as soon as they are published. A wide range of annotation tools allows you to mark up documents as easily as if they were on paper.

The app is available on iPads, Android devices and Windows 10+ devices. Search for “” on the App Store (for iPads), Google Play (for Android devices) or Microsoft Store (for Windows devices), and download the free app to get started.

You can also subscribe to updates in order to receive information via email regarding particular issues, committee meetings or wards.

Outside bodies

Contact details for the council's representatives on outside bodies including Joint Committees and Council-owned Companies.


Information regarding the decisions taken by Council and Committees, as well as officer delegated decisions taken by council officers.

To view documents in pdf format you will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.