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Cleaner Air & Safer Transport Forum

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Information about Cleaner Air & Safer Transport Forum

  • To propose measures to improve air quality across Reading Borough.
  • To evaluate, improve and promote transport sustainability across the Borough.
  • To influence Council policy and facilitate the development and direction of the Council’s sustainability agenda.
  • To identify and share best practice in relation to clean and green ‘healthy streets’ initiatives which promote sustainability, healthy living, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and carbon reduction.
  • To identify and develop potential low traffic neighbourhoods.
  • To promote and raise awareness of sustainable initiatives within the Borough and to promote improved performance across the Council and its partners.
  • To extend networking to other relevant organisations and to maintain currency of knowledge and information within the context of transport sustainability and climate change matters.
  • To make recommendations to the Council on sustainability and climate change matters.
  • To support road safety initiatives, particularly for vulnerable road users.
  • To discuss progress and delivery of the Cycling Strategy in order to identify, prioritise and optimise actions to meet the objectives of the Cycling Strategy:

To improve the cycling environment;

To provide better facilities for cyclists;

To influence travel behaviour; and

To develop skills and capacity.