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Appointment of a Deputy Electoral Registration Officer

Report by Executive Director of Resources


The Executive Director of Resources submitted a report on the appointment of a deputy Electoral Registration Officer.  The report explained that, under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the Council must appoint an Officer to the position of Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) to be responsible for maintaining the Electoral Register for the area.  The ERO would be required to hold a hearing in respect of any objections received for an application to be included on the Register of Electors. These hearings must be held no earlier than the third day and no later than the seventh day after the notice of objection had been received.  In order to avoid a breach of the legislation, the report recommended appointing a Deputy ERO who would have the full powers to act in the absence of the ERO and in particular ensure hearings took place within the required timescale. 

The following motion was moved by Councillor Terry and seconded by Councillor Brock and CARRIED:

Resolved -

That the post of Legal Services Manager be designated as the Deputy Electoral Registration Officer with full powers to act as Electoral Registration Officer in the absence of the Electoral Registration Officer.

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