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Resident Permit Parking Update Report

a.       New and Outstanding Requests

b.       Proposals for Informal Consultation

A report providing the Sub-Committee with an update on the list of requests for Resident Permit Parking (RPP), including the progress of developing schemes and any new requests that have been received and providing outline areas proposed for informal consultation, as part of an expedited scheme development programme for previously reported scheme requests.


The Executive Director for Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services submitted a report providing the Sub-Committee with an update on the list of requests for Resident Permit Parking, including the progress of developing schemes and any new requests that had been received.  The following appendices were attached to the report:

Appendix 1

Updated list of requests for Resident Permit Parking;

Appendix 2

Proposed areas for informal consultation;

Appendix 3

Results of the Norcot Ward Councillor informal consultations in the Grovelands Road area.

Requested Schemes List – Update

Appendix 1 of the report set out the list of requests that had been received for Resident Permit Parking Schemes and included the comments and objections that had been received during the statutory consultation.  Where the Sub-Committee had previously allocated a priority to a scheme this had been recorded and where a request had been previously reported to the Sub-Committee but had not been allocated a priority, this had also been recorded, along with any schemes that were ‘new’ to the list.

The report stated that since the last update report, schemes in Harrow Court, St Stephens Close and The Willows had been implemented, officers were delivering ‘Area 1’ of the East Reading area scheme, which was due to go live from 16 September 2019 and officers were also developing a delivery programme for the Lower Caversham scheme and intended to introduce this large area scheme before the end of December 2019.

Proposals for Informal Consultation

During July 2019 officers had been tasked with developing an expedited delivery programme (subject to consultation results) for the requests for? schemes that had been received up to that time.  The first stage of the development process was to consider an area that could form a new parking scheme area and to conduct an informal consultation to survey resident opinion about the potential introduction of Resident Permit Parking.  Officers had suggested some initial areas and had sought Ward Councillor input and agreement to these areas.  A table setting out the areas had been included in the report and the Sub-Committee agreed that these requests should be dealt with first.

The report explained that Norcot Ward Councillors had been conducting informal consultations in the Grovelands Road area and were satisfied that there was sufficient support across the area and, in place of a further informal consultation, had proposed a public meeting to further inform scheme development.  To make most efficient use of limited staff resources, some of which might be externally sourced, and financial resources, officers would be seeking to conduct certain development phases across the list of schemes at the same time, for example, conducting the investigation and detailed design work for all schemes concurrently.

The Sub-Committee discussed the report and agreed that the scheme areas in Appendix 2 and set out in a table at paragraph 4.8 of the report should be the first to be dealt with.

Resolved –

(1)     That the report be noted;

(2)     That informal consultations be conducted for the areas set out in Appendix 2, attached to the report, with the exception of the Grovelands Road area (see paragraph 4.12 of the report) and the results reported to a future meeting;

(3)     That the scheme areas set out in the table at paragraph 4.8 in the report be dealt with first.

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