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Waiting Restriction Review - Objections to Waiting Restriction Review 2022A and Requests for Waiting Restriction Review 2022B

A report informing the Sub-Committee of objections received during statutory consultation for the agreed proposals that formed the 2022A programme and providing the list of new requests for potential inclusion in the 2022B programme.


The Executive Director for Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services submitted a report informing the Sub-Committee of objections that had been received during statutory consultation for the agreed proposal that had formed the 2022A programme and providing the list of new requests, for potential inclusion in the 2022B programme.  The following appendices were attached to the report:

Appendix 1 – Feedback received during statutory consultation for the 2022A programme and the advertised drawings for those proposals;

Appendix 2 - New requests for consideration in the 2022B programme

Appendix 3 – Battle Ward informal survey results for potential alterations to RPP restrictions on Belmont Road and Connaught Road.

The Sub-Committee considered the 2022A and 2022B programmes and Councillor Leng reported that with regard to Foxhays Road, the issue appeared to be about footway parking particularly to the north and east of the road.

Resolved –

(1)     That the report be noted;

(2)     That the objections set out in Appendix 1 with the appropriate recommendation to either: implement, amend or reject the proposals be noted;

(3)     That the following proposals made under the waiting restriction review 2022A, as set out in Appendix 1, be implemented, amended or removed from the programme as follows:

·         Bridge Street – Implement as advertised;

·         Kelmscott Close – Implement as advertised;

·         Pinewood Drive - Implement as advertised;

·         Bigbury Gardens - Implement as advertised;

·         Poplar Gardens - Implement as advertised;

·         Tenby Avenue - Implement as advertised;

·         Dee Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Shaftesbury Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Upper Redlands Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Hogarth Avenue - Implement as advertised;

·         Dunstall Close - Implement as advertised;

·         Poole Close - Implement as advertised;

·         Amersham Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Briants Avenue - Implement as advertised;

·         Chiltern Road – Remove from the programme;

·         Priory Avenue - Implement as advertised;

·         Portway Close - Implement as advertised;

·         Pendennis Avenue - Implement as advertised;

·         Rossendale Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Boulton Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Bourne Avenue - Implement as advertised;

·         Armour Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Stoneham Close - Implement as advertised;

·         Alexandra Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Cadugan Place - Implement as advertised;

·         Carnarvon Road, De Beauvoir Road, Junction Road - Implement as advertised;

·         Circuit Lane – Remove from the programme;

·         Silchester Road - Implement as advertised subject to the existing double yellow lines being reduced back to, and including, the driveway to number two Silchester Road;

·         Durham Close - Implement as advertised;

·         Shirley Avenue - Implement as advertised;

(4)     That the Assistant Director of Legal and Democratic Services be authorised to seal the resultant Traffic Regulation Order for the 2021B programme and no public inquiry be held into the proposals;

(5)     That respondents to the statutory consultation be informed of the decision of the Sub-Committee accordingly, following publication of the agreed minutes of the meeting;

(6)     That having considered the requests made for waiting restriction changes, set out in Appendix 2 attached to the report, the requests be investigated by officers as part of the 2022B review programme, subject to the following amendments to the programme:

(i)      Belmont Road and Connaught Road locality – Councillor Hacker to meet with officers to discuss a number of traffic related matters in the area and how they could be progressed;

(7)     That the officer recommendations, following investigation of the new requests, be shared with Ward Councillors, providing opportunity for local consultation (informal) and for their comments to be included in the next report submitted to the Sub-Committee;

(8)     That, should funding permit, a further report be submitted to the Sub-Committee seeking agreement to conduct the Statutory Consultation on the recommended schemes for the 2022B programme.

(Councillor Leng declared an interest in the above item on the grounds that he lived in one of the roads listed in the 2022B programme)

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