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Appointment of Directors to Reading Transport Limited

20/01/2022 - Appointment of Directors to Reading Transport Limited

Further to Minute 10 of the meeting held on 14 June 2021, the Deputy Chief Executive submitted a report to the Committee, acting as shareholder of Reading Transport Limited, making recommendations for the appointment of new Board members to Reading Transport Ltd.  A short biography of each successful candidate was included in an Appendix to the report.


The report noted that at its meeting on 14 June 2021 the Committee had agreed to the recruitment of a new board of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to take effect from 1 January 2022.  Recruitment consultants had been appointed to assist the Council, working alongside the Council’s HR team to specify the requirements for the NEDs and Chair, and a national campaign had been conducted with over 70 applicants expressing an interest in the roles.  The shareholder interview Panel of Councillors Page, Lovelock and Skeats had met six candidates for Chair / NED and a further 12 candidates for NED. 


The report explained that, following the interviews, a new Chair and four new NEDs were recommended for appointment.  Two existing NEDs who had applied to be re-appointed were also recommended to continue on the Board.


Resolved –


(1)      That Peter Milhofer be appointed as Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Board for a period of 4 years starting on 1 January 2022;


(2)      That Ian Feast, Robert Pinkett, Pam Turton and Gursharn Uppal be appointed as Non-Executive Directors to the Board for a period of 4 years starting on 1 January 2022;


(3)      That the continued service of Patricia Thomas and Cllr Stanford-Beale until the expiry of their appointments in 2023 and 2022 respectively be noted;


(4)      That the outgoing Directors of the Board be thanked for their dedicated service to the Company over many years and their many achievements noted: David Sutton (Chair), Francis Connolly, Chris Gavin, Keith Moffatt and Cllr Rose Williams;


(5)      That the Assistant Director of Legal and Democratic Services be authorised to take any further consequential actions and issue any such notices on behalf of the Council as Shareholder under the Articles of Association as were necessary to give effect to the Board changes outlined above.