Lead Councillor For Housing


(1)        To oversee the development and implementation of policies and strategies for the provision and improvement of housing in the Borough, including in the private sector


(2)          To oversee the development and implementation of the following corporate strategies and policies:


·   Empty Homes Strategy

·   Homelessness Strategy

·   Housing Allocations Policy and Strategy

·   Housing Investment Plan and Housing Strategy Statement

·   Housing Revenue Account Self-financing Business Plan

·   Housing Strategy

·   Tenancy Strategy


(3)        To be responsible for the direct provision of the Council’s housing services and responsibilities, including:


·     providing housing accommodation for those households in need, either directly through the Council's own stock, or in other ways, in conjunction with Housing Associations and developers.

·     managing the Council's stock of housing, shops and garages, and assessing rents of dwellings.

·     temporary accommodation for those in urgent need through homelessness or emergency.


(4)        To oversee the provision of housing services to tenants through the Whitley PFI scheme


(5)        To be responsible for all housing services provided to Council and private sector tenants, including:


·         Right to Buy legislation and the sale of Council dwellings;

·         Housing Defects Act 1984;

·         tenants' consultation;

·         rent arrears

·         renovation grants;

·         mortgage advances;

·         advisory services to private sector tenants and landlords;

·         Housing Advice service;

·         determination of homelessness

·         Rent Officer


(6)        To oversee the promotion, licensing (where applicable) and enforcement of satisfactory standards in housing accommodation in the private sector, including houses in multiple occupation; action in respect of unfit individual private rented dwellings; and public safety in the case of empty properties.


(7)        To promote the assessment and fulfilment of present and future housing needs, whether in the public or private sectors.


(8)        To promote good community relations and consultation, including the following partnerships:



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