Lead Councillor for Culture, Heritage & Recreation


A)           Culture


(1)           To oversee policy priorities and objectives and strategies for the provision of arts, cultural and leisure services in Reading; both directly by the Borough Council and in partnership with the private sector and other agencies; and to monitor and review provision against the Council's corporate and strategic objectives.


(2)          To oversee the development and implementation of the following corporate strategies and policies:


·  Allotments Management Plan

·  Cultural Strategy

·  Library Annual Position Statement

·  Open Spaces Strategy

·  Play Strategy (with Children)

·  Public Art Strategy

·  Thames Parks Plan

·  Tree Strategy (with Strategic Environment)

·  Your Reading (Passport) (with Health, Wellbeing & Sport)


(3)        To ensure the provision of the following services:

·         Catering services

·         Museum Service

·         Entertainment, arts, cultural and other facilities at the Hexagon, 21 South Street, the Town Hall and at other venues

·         Library Service

·         Public art programme

·         Outdoor recreational facilities, including parks and children's play areas

·         Allotments

·         Woodlands Management (see also Strategic Environment)

·         Archive and Modern Records service


(4)        To promote:


·         tourism in the Borough;

·         the development and use of waterways within Reading;

·         the general development of the arts and learning in Reading, including the support of community arts initiatives.


(5)        To ensure the care of the Council's historic monuments and buildings, including the Abbey Ruins, Abbey Gateway, and the Caversham Court Gazebo.


(6)        To co-ordinate all non-licensing aspects of Council policy towards arts and leisure festivals and other major events.


(7)          To promote good community relations and consultation, including the following partnerships:


·         Cultural Partnership

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