Lead Councillor for Corporate Services and Resources


A)       Audit and Financial Management


(1)      To ensure the existence of effective financial and management audit arrangements, reporting any concerns to Audit & Governance Committee as necessary.


(2)      To oversee the development and implementation of corporate strategies and policies to deliver compliance with the governance and auditing arrangements required by the Council’s Constitution and statutory provisions.


(3)      To be responsible for activities and services provided by the Deputy Chief Executive, except the Finance Service, which will be exercised by the Leadership.


(4)      To monitor the corporate management of the Council, and the effective delivery of its services to the public; and to oversee the Council's management processes to ensure their effective contribution to the provision of efficient, high-quality services; including the need for new services or changes in services where appropriate (with the Leadership).


B)       Equalities and Human Resources


(5)      To promote equal opportunities in employment and in the provision and delivery of services, both by the Council and by other agencies providing services locally; to monitor its effectiveness of this provision; and to disseminate good practice.


(6)      To oversee the development and implementation of relevant corporate strategies and policies.


(7)      To be responsible for corporate Human Resources and Organisational Development activities and services.


C)       Performance Management and Service Improvement

(8)      To monitor the delivery of the Council’s Corporate Programme to achieve the savings and transformational change needed to ensure the Council’s financial sustainability and service improvement

(9)      To work with the Chief Executive and the Corporate Management Team to support performance management and service improvement to meet the objectives of the Council’s vision and priorities as set out in the Corporate Plan.

(10)     To promote a corporate governance framework for the Council, addressing community leadership, service delivery arrangements, structures and processes, risk management and internal controls, and standards of conduct, and to monitor its implementation.

(11)     To oversee the development and implementation of relevant corporate strategies and policies.

(12)     To promote a corporate framework for performance management and service planning, to identify areas of good and bad performance.

(13)     To promote and oversee the development and implementation of the Performance Improvement Programme and associated corporate projects.

(14)    Within the context both of corporate performance management and the overall budget situation, to review and evaluate alternative models of service provision, including developing new partnerships to deliver services differently, in consultation with the Leader and relevant Lead Councillors.


D)       Environmental Health and Public Protection


(15)     To be responsible for the environmental health and public protection legislation carried out by the Resources Directorate and services within the Borough (with other Lead Councillors where appropriate).

E)       Voluntary Sector

(16)     To oversee and monitor the Council’s procurement and commissioning arrangements, with reference to the Voluntary Sector Strategy (with the Leadership).


(17)    To oversee the corporate framework for the allocation of all grant aid to voluntary organisations, community bodies and other groups.



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