Leader of the Council


The Leader and Deputy Leader will between them have the responsibilities set out below.  The Deputy Leader will support the Leader in carrying out the responsibilities, share the responsibilities as appropriate, and deputise for the Leader in the Leader’s absence. 


A)      Corporate Strategy and Resources


(1)        To lead the development and implementation of the Council's strategic vision and corporate objectives and priorities, including:


·         the Council forward programmes

·         the Council’s vision and objectives

·         the needs of the Borough and the community on matters of comprehensive, corporate and strategic importance;

·         the Council's corporate and strategic plans;

·         the Reading Sustainable Community Strategy (Reading 2050) and the authority’s Corporate Plan.


(2)        To provide the Council’s community leadership role, including taking or agreeing the chair of the Reading Local Strategic Partnership; and to promote work in partnership with key stakeholders to secure the implementation of the Sustainable Community Strategy and Reading 2050 vision and Local Development Framework, through local partnerships.


(3)        To oversee the allocation and management of resources required to implement the Council’s corporate, budgetary and strategic objectives, with specific reference to:


·         the annual budget, Capital Programme, and Capital Strategy;

·         capital expenditure and tenders of over £1 million in total;


(4)        To ensure the existence of effective financial management and audit arrangements.


(5)        To oversee the development and implementation, unless otherwise specified, of the following corporate strategies and policies:


·         Capital Strategy (development only)

·         Future Development of Reading Strategy

·         Corporate Plan

·         Promotion of the Borough

·         Sustainable Community Strategy (Reading 2050)


(6)        To oversee and monitor the Council's links and relations with other Berkshire authorities, partners and external bodies including:


·         promoting the Council's economic and other interests in the Borough and in Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the South-East Region and beyond;

·         the Local Economic Partnership

·         town twinning


(7)        To ensure the corporate management of the Council, and the effective delivery of its services to the public; and to oversee the Council's management processes to ensure their effective contribution to the provision of efficient, high quality services; including the need for new services or changes in services where appropriate.


(8)        To oversee the following services on behalf of the Berkshire Unitary Authorities, under the terms of the joint management agreements concluded with the other Authorities:


·         Berkshire Coroner

·         Berkshire Record Office and County Archive


(9)        To promote good community relations and consultation.


B)       Economic Development and Performance


(1)        To oversee the development and implementation of the following corporate strategies and policies:


·         Sustainable Economic Development Strategy


(2)        To be responsible for the following corporate activities and services:


·         Thriving Economy

·         Town Centre policy and Business Improvement District (BID)

·         Economic Development

·         Reading Community Interest Company and Reading Diamond

·         Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

·         Major bids for external funding


(3)          To coordinate bids for funding for regeneration projects from external sources, including Europe; and to promote opportunities for working in partnership to seek European and other funding


(4)          In partnership with neighbouring authorities, relevant Government Departments and key local partners, to promote and oversee local and regional development programmes, and to represent the Council on associated bodies, including:


§  Reading and Mid-Berkshire City Deal (with the LEP)

§  Reading CIC UK (community interest company)

C)       Open Services and Voluntary Sector

 (1)       To oversee and monitor the Council’s procurement and commissioning arrangements, with reference to the Government’s Open services agenda, and the development and implementation of the following corporate strategies and policies, including:


·         Community Right of Challenge

·         Community right to Bid for assets of community value

·         Procurement & Commissioning Strategy

·         Voluntary Sector Strategy (with Neighbourhoods)


 (2)       To oversee the corporate framework for the allocation of all grant aid to voluntary organisations, community bodies and other groups.

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