Officer Decisions

*From October 2022 the majority of decisions made under delegated powers by Council Officers that are required to be published are available as Officer Decision Notices in the library section of this site. The Decision Book function published on this page has been retained but will be used less frequently.*

On this page you can find decisions published in the Decision book which have been made under delegated powers by the Chief Executive, Corporate Directors or the Chief Finance Officer and Monitoring Officer, in consultation either with the relevant Lead Councillor or committee.

Each decision is subject to a 'call-in' period of 10 days after publication, during which three Councillors may request in writing to the Head of Legal and Democratic Services that the decision should be referred either to a committee, or to the Council (as appropriate) for formal resolution.

Use the search options below to find decisions that have been taken since January 2019 through the Decision Book. Decision Books issued between 1999 and 2018 can be found in the Meetings section. Use the drop-down list to show meetings for All Committees and Decision Book will appear in the alphabetical list.

To see decisions taken by by the Council's decision making bodies visit the decisions by Council and Committees page.

Officer decisions

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