Committee details

Licensing Applications Sub-Committee 2

Purpose of committee

Note: The members of Licensing Applications Sub-Committee 1 are drawn from the Licensing Applications Committee for each meeting.


This Sub-Committee is set up under Section 9 of the Licensing Act 2003, to discharge any function under the Licensing Act 2003 and any regulations or orders made under that Act, including:


·       Application for personal licence if a relevant representation is made

·       Any application for a personal licence or its revocation where the applicant has unspent convictions

·       Application for premises licence/club premises certificate if a relevant representation is made

·       Applications to vary designated premises supervisor where a representation is received

·       Application to vary a premises licence if a relevant representation is made

·       Any application to review premises licence

·       Determination of a representation to a temporary event notice

Licensing Applications Sub-Committees 1 & 2 would also determine an application made in respect of the Gambling Act 2005 where a relevant representation has been made.

The full terms of reference can be found in Article 8 of the Council’s Constitution:

Constitution of the council - Reading Borough Council





Contact information

Support officer: Julie Quarmby - Committee Services. Email: